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Ver­sorgungswerk (Apothek­erver­sorgung)
der Apothek­erkam­mer Schleswig-Holstein
Kör­per­schaft des öffentlichen Rechts

Düstern­brook­er Weg 75
24105 Kiel, Germany
Tel. 0431–57935-50
Fax. 0431–57935-60


The Apothek­erver­sorgung (Phar­ma­cists’ Pen­sion Fund) engages in legal deal­ings in its own name (Arti­cle 1 (2) sen­tence 1 of the Arti­cles of Incor­po­ra­tion of the Ver­sorgungswerk). Its statu­to­ry rep­re­sen­ta­tive is Dr Roswitha Borchert-Bre­mer, Chair­per­son of the Man­age­ment Com­mit­tee of the Ver­sorgungswerk der Apothek­erkam­mer Schleswig-Hol­stein (Pen­sion Fund of the Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal Soci­ety of Schleswig-Hol­stein) (state cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of the rules gov­ern­ing rep­re­sen­ta­tion). (Bescheini­gung des Lan­des über die Vertretungsregelung).

The legal bases for the Apothek­erver­sorgung are sec­tion 4 in con­junc­tion with sec­tion 21 (2) sen­tence 1 no. 2 of the Act on Pro­fes­sion­al Soci­eties in the Health Care Sec­tor (Heil­berufekam­merge­setz) of 29 Feb­ru­ary 1996 (Schleswig-Hol­stein Gazette, p. 248), most recent­ly amend­ed by arti­cles 3 and 4 of the Act on Elec­tron­ic Legal Trans­ac­tions (Gesetz zum elek­tro­n­is­chen Rechtsverkehr) of 18 April 2017 (Schleswig-Hol­stein Gazette, p. 273), in accor­dance with which pro­fes­sion­al soci­eties may oper­ate pen­sion schemes to pro­vide for retired and dis­abled soci­ety mem­bers and their sur­viv­ing dependants.

Super­vi­so­ry authority

Min­istry for Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Fam­i­lies and Senior Cit­i­zens of the State of Schleswig-Hol­stein (Min­is­teri­um für Soziales, Gesund­heit, Jugend, Fam­i­lie und Senioren des Lan­des Schleswig-Hol­stein), Adolf-West­phal-Straße 4, 24143 Kiel, Ger­many, Tel.: +49 (0) 431/988–0, Fax: +49 (0) 431/988‑5416, e‑mail:

Lia­bil­i­ty for content

As a ser­vice provider with­in the mean­ing of sec­tions 8–10 of the Ger­man Tele­me­dia Act (Teleme­di­enge­setz, “TMG”), in accor­dance with sec­tion 7 (1) TMG we are liable under gen­er­al laws for our own con­tent on this web­site. How­ev­er, in accor­dance with sec­tion 7 (2) TMG, we are not required to mon­i­tor third-par­ty infor­ma­tion that is trans­mit­ted or stored, or to inves­ti­gate cir­cum­stances indi­cat­ing unlaw­ful activ­i­ty. The fore­go­ing does not affect duties to remove or block the use of infor­ma­tion in accor­dance with gen­er­al laws. How­ev­er, lia­bil­i­ty in this regard would only attach if and when we have knowl­edge of a spe­cif­ic vio­la­tion of the law. If we become aware of any vio­la­tions, we will remove such con­tent immediately.

Lia­bil­i­ty for links

Our web­site con­tains links to exter­nal third-par­ty web­sites, the con­tent of which is beyond our con­trol. As such, we can­not assume any lia­bil­i­ty for such third-par­ty con­tent. The respec­tive provider or oper­a­tor of the web­site is in all cas­es respon­si­ble for the con­tent of the linked web­sites. The linked web­sites were reviewed for poten­tial vio­la­tions of the law at the time the links were embed­ded and no unlaw­ful con­tent was iden­ti­fied at that time. With­out any con­crete indi­ca­tions of a vio­la­tion of the law, it would be unrea­son­able to expect us to con­tin­u­ous­ly mon­i­tor the linked web­sites. If we become aware of any vio­la­tions, we will remove such links immediately.

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